​​​​​The following contain rhymes which I have composed from the time when I was a young man of about fifteen years old and through many long years of wonderful marriage, and while they are not of any great merit I have enjoyed writing them, and my wife Nancy has enjoyed reading them. The original book was destroyed when Nancy and I were going to immigrate to Australia, as I felt that some of the pieces were too political, and would not be acceptable in Australia. It was my daughter Morag who asked me to try to re-call and re-write whatever of the poems I could remember.

This poem was written after I had spent an Easter weekend at Killin, and on the Friday night I was sleeping in the graveyard of the McNab clan where I was kept awake by a down pour of rain. Next morning turned out to be nice and sunny, so I walked along the river Dochart and lay down to rest.

 A Dream in Youth

 As I wandered through the lonely glen
And the sun shone bright o’erhead,
A dreamy river rolled along
Above its rocky bed.
I spied a host of golden flowers
As they waved in the gentle breeze
While butterflies were fluttering round
Beneath the sunlit trees
As down the river side I passed
I heard the bee’s low drone
Beside the golden flowers I lay
To contemplate, alone.
And as I lay beside the flowers
Among their foliage dense
A lovely perfume round me stole
To drowse each waking sense,
While in my ears the songster’s notes
A rising cadence kept,
And with the perfume, with the song,
In the heat of the sun, I slept.
Just then it seemed to me as if
A band of fairies came
Advancing slowly through the trees
Amid a flower of flame.
They danced about from flower to flower
Made circles round the trees,
And when they saw me on the grass
They dropped upon their knees.
Then three of these creatures forward came
And beckoned with such grace
I straight-way rose and followed them
From that enchanted place.
They took me through the woodlands green
Through fields of golden grain,
To places where I’d never been
Before these creatures came.
On and on for years it seemed
I followed this strange array,
Until at last into our sight
There came a strange display.
Three walled cities side by side
Stood in a serried line,
In two of them were statues placed
Of strange grotesque design.
I thought a moment to myself
Wondering what this could be,
When the fairy with the oldest looks said,
“Come and you shall see.”
She took me to the city which was darkest of the three,
And pompous might was gathered there,
And wealth of high degree.
Here lofty mansions stood around
And looked with proud disdain,
On wretched hovels that I hope
I’ll never see again.
The masters of the people lived
And fed upon the best,
While poverty, and want, and rags,
Was forced upon the rest.
The sight of these ill clad people

And their children's cry for bread,

'side the contrast of their masters

Did fill me full of dread

So when the second fairy came

And beckoned with her hand

I was not slow to see the sign,

But quick to understand

So following onward as before

We reached the second town

I saw the marble columns rise

And saw the Romanesque look down,

while in the market place beneath

I saw an army massed

And only the drum of marching men

Resounded as they passed.

But when I looked away from them

to see the cheering crowds,

I thought I saw their eyes reflect

The soldiers dressed in shrouds.

Even the children bore deadly guns,
A regimented band
Who dare not laugh or disobey
Their masters vile command.
If he said kill, they had to kill,
lf he said toil they toiled,
If he said slave, they had to slave,
With all ambition foiled
Again my heart was filled with pain
To watch these few on high,
Live on the best while the mass were forced
To watch their children die.
I turned and to the fairy said,
“I want to see no more
Take me away to a happier town,
For this has pained me sore”
The third young fairy took her place
And led me on my way,
She said “I’ll take you to a town
Where happiness holds sway,
Where each able creature does his share,
And each receives his need,
And all the wheels of progress turn,
Unstopped by human greed”.
I’ll tell you only what I saw,
True as I write this tale,
To tell you all is not in my power
For words alone would fail.
For in this city wondrous sights
Before my eyes unrolled,
Here noble purpose went with work,
And not the greed for gold.
Here children played as children should
With vigour and with grace,
No sullen look of misery,
Clouds any youthful face.
Here young and old together lived
In comradeship accord,
Here labour for its service done
Did reap a just reward.
The soldiers carried guns alone
To guard their country still,
Unlike the second town’s brigades
Whose purpose was to kill.
I turned then to my fairy guide
A question to address
“Why has this town such carefree joy
The others such distress,
Why do they live in misery
With cares to line each brow,
If you have got an answer
Then I plead you, tell me now”
She said ‘twas fierce imperialist greed
That held the people down
And this was the cause of misery
In the first degraded town.
While in the second greed for power
Had chained the helpless slave,
And drove the regimented bands
Through slaughter to the grave.
But working peoples will not stay
Bowed down ‘neath slav’ries chain
Soon now they’ll rise ‘gainst tyrant might
And free men be again.
Oh hark, she said, you’ll hear the sound
Of gunfire in the sky
That is the reign of tyranny
Now just about to die.
See on those startled towers,
A banner floats above.
The emblem of our Brotherhood,
The symbol of our love.
And as I looked I saw the walls
Of all three cities fall,
The Christian flag of freedom
Was flying over all.
My fairy guide then turned around
Her eyes were filled with glee,
She said you’ve seen these two dark towns
Made joyful, happy, free.
But now the time has come again
When you and I must part
I’ll take you back to that dreamy stream
Where I met you at the start.
So back I went with my fairy guide
Back through the woodlands green,
Back to where the river slept
Beneath a golden sheen.
The fairy bowed and said goodbye,
I watched her slowly rise,
And in that moment slumber passed
I rubbed my waking eyes.
Still there was I beside the stream
Upon the verdant ground,
The bird’s song in my ears again
The wild flowers growing round.
I rose, ‘cause Sol was sinking fast
Behind a distant hill
As long as life and memory live
That scene will linger still.
As I wandered through the lonely glen,
And day was nearly done.
I backward looked to see again
The rays of the sinking sun.
And in Sol’s rays I saw again,
The fairies and the cities,
That we don’t live as they do now,
Is sure a thousand pities.

 I was in Mallaig in 1934 or 1935 and waiting for a ferry over to Skye when I met a young Canadian girl whose family were on holiday. The poem exaggerates my small knowledge of her, but is an insight into ones young mind.

 To a Young Canadian Met in the Highlands

 Oh blue eyed queen with auburn hair,
I love to see your smile so rare
But why did god make you so charming,
Your ways so frank, your smile disarming.
Now five foot two’s about your measure
Your gleaming eyes my fondest treasure,
Come, list a moment to my rhyme,
’ve longed to say it many a time.
Hand in hand I’d hope to go
Where the grass is green, and the wild flowers grow,
How you’d enjoy the Brander pass,
A Scottish lad, A Canadian Lass.
And on the misty isle of Skye,
We could wander, you and I,
To watch the Curlews circling round,
Above that old historic ground.
And we might dream we saw again
Prince Charlie and his courier train,
Or watch the rugged clansmen sweep
Above Loch Lomond’s perilous deep.
And when at last our day was run
We’d watch our final sinking sun
Still then I’d lo’e thee, lovely lass,
As our sun was set, and our lives were past.

 The following four pieces were written over a few different years, and are put here as if they were written at the same time. I think the years would be 1937- 1939.


 The snow lay deep on Lomond’s tower,
The skies were dull and grey,
Alone I stood one mid-day hour
On Rowerdennan’s bay
The wind lashed loch in fury rose
To cast its icy spray
On isles and shores that knew these blows
For eons passed away.
In sloping rays the sun so wan
Shone down on Vorlich’s peak
And loud and wild the torrents ran
A resting place to seek.
This Lomond, gripped in winter’s might
Was fierce, and wild, and grand,
But I saw beauty in this sight
From mother nature’s hand.


 The verdure on the Fruin hills
Was lush beneath my feet,
And from the twinkling tumb’ling rills
There came a song so sweet.
Below in splendid majesty
Studded with verdant isles,
There lay that magic inland sea,
Of many moods and wiles.
The mighty Ben, the tree clad dell,
Rose peaceful from her shore
While song birds filled each lonely fell
With songs of joy galore.
This lovely, scintillating view
Of Lomond’s gripping spell,
Will evermore my heart imbue
And with me ever dwell.


 The falls of Inversnaid roll down,
The air is crisp and clear,
The summer leaves are turning brown
For Autumn days are here.
From Falloch stream to Conic hill
The scene is bright and gay,
And marching islands give a thrill
Of joy to me this day.
The tints of green, the heather’s hue
The song birds in the air,
With clouds that grace the sky of blue
All set a scene so rare.
There’s health in every babbling brook,
And wealth in every breeze,
There’s beauty for the ones who look
Who looks for beauty sees.


 Oftimes I’ve seen the rising sun
Come o’er your towers high,
I’ve watched you as the day run done
And darkness filled the sky.
In winter when the snow lay round
I’ve seen your rivers freeze,
In summer I have heard the sound
Of songsters on the breeze.
With heart felt joy your paths I’ve trod,
Your Bens that deer adorn,
And Oh, I ever thank my God
That Scottish I was born.
In rain or shine, in breeze or gale,
You yet are fair to view,
And never shall your beauties fail
To win a friend for you.

 This piece was written when we lived in Paisley Road West and I do not think my mother ever saw it. Our family did not show any family feelings, and poetry would be “Cissy” for a boy to write.


 There is one friend who loves us best,
Tho’ failure shows in all the rest
Whose smile comes from the heart within
Who steers us from the paths of sin,
There is but one, there’ll ne’er be other,
She’s known by the sacred name of Mother.

When first the toddling baby feet
Crossed o’er the threshold to the street,
Then Mother’s hand was always there
Our safety was her only care
No gentle hand our fears could smother,
As could our own unselfish mother

 When childish pranks, or youthful dreams
Went wrong and gave us pain,
Her understanding shone its beams
Like sunshine after rain
There’s no one else such love could gather
Than she, who’s simply known as Mother

 I pray to God that through my life,
Through happy days or days of strife,
That I may always keep in mind,
The love she gave to me and mine
No one, no sister, brother, lover.
Will e’er love me, as did my Mother.

 This is the first poem written to Nancy


oh Nancy dear, if I were King

what presents 'neath your feet I'd  fling

I'd build for thee, a mansion rare,

With gardens filled with flowers fair.

For thee i'd make a magic bower

where you could spend each pleasant hour,

While song birds sang their noonday song 

And Sol shone bright bright the whole day long.

And from the East, perfumes and spice,

Peaches and Pears and all things nice,

Gems and Rubies to adorn

Your lovely being night and morn.

But most of all those lovely things

That only power money brings,

To thee my troth I'd promise true

To ever love and cherish you.

Then each and every day would be

A day of joy for you and me,

My dear, I'd give you ev'ry thing

Your ev'ry wish ---- if I were King 

This poem was written under very difficult conditions. I was working in Rolls Royce at the time and on Tuesdays and Thursdays I worked late till nine o’clock On Thursday the 11th of September when I came home Nancy handed me a birthday card she had bought for Russell’s birthday and said “ Will you write a poem for Russell’s birthday”. To which I replied, “Nancy I cannot just sit down and write a poem, and especially after a long day’s work”. Next morning at work my conscience started to bother me so I got some scrap drawings and on them wrote the following.

 To Russell on his 21st Birthday

My Dear Russell,

No doubt you will recall in history that in ancient times the various tribes had seers and sages, chieftains and witch-doctors, from whom the tribal community looked for guidance and advice. It was at this time in history that a man-boy was said to have entered Manhood when he was able to perform some skilled feat, such as killing animals for food, or the tribes enemies for survival. Through the centuries we have learned many lessons, and with the advent of Jesus we have discarded the witch-doctors and other false prophets. We also accept today that a man-boy enters man-hood at the age of 21 years.

 I am no sage, nor chieftain great,
No scholar, learned and wise,
No seer to tell you of your fate
That in the future lies.
Yet list a while to what I say
And hearken with your heart,
No words I speak will lead astray.
Nor you from honour part.
For years ago in London town,
‘tis one score years and one,
God took a piece of heaven’s crown
And gave to us a son.
Through baby years and boy-hood days
With pride we saw you grow
Till now you enter manhood’s phase
Where joys or sorrows flow.
The man who will his days employ
By helping those in need,
Shall find his days are spent in joy,
A just reward indeed.
While he who turns a blinded eye
To those in pain or woe
Then joy will surely pass him by
And sorrow lay him low.
In all men try to see the good,
Give honour where its due
Let not your tongue the truth delude
And men will honour you.
For what he is, give man respect,
And ne’er his rank applaud,
To no man bend your knee or neck
For that belongs to God.
Be true to all the things you love,
And love all things when true,
Then when you sorrow, God above,
Will surely comfort you.
The whole world now is at your feet,
Step through its portals wide,
Your Mum and I your manhood greet,
May joy with you abide.

 Nancy's Birthday

My greetings once again are due

On this your Natal morn

So I will wish you anew

That joy your day adorn.

May all your plans successful be

And health with you abide,

And may the lord be good to you

And keep you by my side.

 Birthday greetings 1972

 This morn a speckled mavis rose
The dawn of day to greet,
And through my slumbering repose
I heard his song so sweet.
He seemed to praise the Lord above
With notes so sweet and true
For all the signs of his great love,
Beneath the skies of blue.

Thought I’ll join this bird of song
With humble words of praise,
’ll thank the Lord for this day long,
And all the other days.
I’ll thank him for this lovely morn
That makes you fifty three,
May he with joy your day adorn,
And love, and cherish thee.

To Morag on Her Twenty Fourth Birthday

 The snow lies thick on hedge and row
As I sit down to pen
My thoughts return to long ago
To this, and that, and when.
Fond memories of days now gone
Yet still remembered dear,
The day that you, my love ,were born
A day of joy and cheer.
Today you’re four and twenty years,
A wife and loving mother,
My eyes with joy are shedding tears
That pride can never smother.
May joy and pleasure light your way
May troubles ne’er come near,
So that upon your next birthday,
You’ll have had a lovely year.


'tis thirty years since first I said

I'd love and cherish thee,

and on that day when we were wed

I prayed we'd happy be.

Today i give my pledge anew

To love and cherish thee

may god give happiness to you

As you have given to me.


Congratulations Barbara dear,

A hundred thousand thanks,

for giving us a day of cheer

that memorable ranks.

I'll aye recall your table fare,

And praise your manner gracious,

I'll extol the loving care

that made our meal delicious.

Yet most of all let me applaud

Your every ready smile

And may our most benevolent God

Keep you with us for a while.


Can you recall in'41

When we together life began,

The vows we made, the joys we shared,

the hopes that we would both be spared,

To live this life that God had sent

With love and care, and sweet content.

Today I'm very much relieved

To say that goal is now achieved,

may God, before our lives run done

Bless what began in '41

Nancy was away at her sisters and I forgot to get a card. I wrote a poem to make up for my remiss.

I looked and looked but could not find,

A card that could convey

The wishes that I have in mind

to wish for you today.

but then I should have better known

than seek a verse that could

Express a love that's steady grown

Since first your hand I wooed.

So on this, your Natal morn

I will in verse sincere,

Thank God that on this day was born

A wife and mother dear.

And i will pray as years go by

Great joys shall with them tread

And never may your radiant eye

A tear in sorrow shed.

though gems I cannot offer you

Nor scents from far off lands

I humbly give a love that's true

Into your loving hands.

To those, the wishes that I pen

health, wealth and happiness,

May heaven say a loud amen

And all my wshes bless.

To Wendy on her 21st Birthday

 The month of hope, the month of March
When life begins anew,
When buds appear on Elm and Larch
And skies will soon be blue.
‘Twas one and twenty years ago
When you my dear were born,
And we with love have watched you grow
E’er since that happy morn.
With heart felt pride we greet this day
Our joy we cannot hide
May fortune smile upon your way,
And love with you abide.

A Tribute to Mary R. Whyte.

 Secretary of Fairfield Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star.

 When the tears of parting have fallen and dried,
When the pangs of grief have flown,
Then we will remember a sister who tried
To brighten our star as her own.
Devotion and friendship we will recall
Were given to all as of right
Our chain has been broken, but we one and all
Will miss you----Mary R. Whyte.

 From Nancy and Archie
on Angus Taylor’s 80th Birthday.

 We looked and looked, and looked aroon,
In ev’ry shop in oor wee toon,
And nowhere could we find a gift
Tae gie oor Angus a bit o’ lift.
An’ so we just got oot a cheque
We know we baith hae brass for neck,
But buy yersel what e’er it be,
It comes wi’ joy, frae Nance and me.

To Morag on Her Birthday at Kelso

 Though many miles may be between
Though hills and glens divide us,
Yet in my heart and thoughts I glean
Joys and pleasures wondrous.

 As I recall in days gone by
Our happy hours together,
How oft’ with memories I sigh
Mem’ries nought can sever.

 So I, on this your special day
Send greetings, Morag dear,
May health-- and many pleasures gay,
Be yours throughout the year.


”Goodnight Children” was the theme
We chose to open our life’s dream,
Then on we went, The Bath hotel
our married name, you could not spell.
The joys we added to our cause,
“La Boheme”—The Wizard of Oz,
In all these years since we begun
Way back in nineteen forty one
Each Birthday wish I’ve asked for you
I prayed that they would all come true
So now, may God your Birthday bless,
With love, with joy, and nothing less.

With joy I welcome in this day
So that with heart sincere,
I can with joy unbounded say
God bless you, Nancy dear.
May health and happiness be thine,
May all your dreams come true,
May you and I our hopes entwine,
And pledge our troth anew.


Time passes on--- the years roll by
Yet time stands still, for you and I,
Today is just like yesterday
As through our lives we go our way
OUR WAY---where love is all around
Where discontent is seldom found,
Oh may our God above look down
And bless you--- jewel of his crown.
Yet on this day---your special day
May I a wish bestow,
That happiness will by you stay
And with joy your eyes will glow.
So as time passes, years roll by
May time stand still, for you and I,
May love light up your every day
As through our lives we go our way.
With joy I welcome in this day
So that with heart sincere,
I can with joy unbounded say
God bless you, Nancy dear.
May health and happiness be thine,
May all your dreams come true,
May you and I our hopes entwine,
And pledge our troth anew.

To Mr. & Mrs. Badenoch on their 60th Wedding Anniversary

 ‘tis a long long time since twenty-nine
When you in wedlock did combine,
And pleased we are to be alive
Tae greet ye here, in eighty-five.

Perhaps it isna what your used tae
But we, The Fellowship on Tuesday
Are giein oor felicitations
Tae add tae a’ your celebrations.

We hope your days will aye be crouse
When doon the toon, or in the hoose,
And lang may you your cronies meet,
Wi’ smile and chat on Kelso Street,

We hope that God, who blessed yer weddin’
Will wi’ his light yer life be sheddin’
May all your days be free from hitches,
These are the Tuesday Lassies wishes.

 Our Wedding Day-----20th December 2003

 The wintry dawn has come and gone,
On this, our wedding day,
And my old mind has been so kind
To help me write this lay.

 For many miles with many smiles
We’ve travelled side by side,
Sometimes ‘twas tough, the road was rough,
But love was e’er our guide.

 May joy be ours through all the hours,
NAY, make that years to be,
May love’s bright beams light all our dreams,
And bless both you and me.

 Keep pushing, ‘tis wiser than sitting aside
And dreaming and sighing and waiting the tide.
For in life’s earnest battle they only prevail,
Who daily march onward, and never say fail.

 With joy I welcome in this day
So that with heart sincere,
I can with joy unbounded say
God bless you, Nancy dear.
May health and happiness be thine,
May all your dreams come true,
May you and I our hopes entwine,
And pledge our troth anew.

 Let winter skies be dull and grey,
Let snow and ice, and frost hold sway
Let ev’ry ill join in the fray
To kill our joy,
On this, our Grand-child’s Natal day,
We’ll beat their ploy!.
For just twelve moths ago today
We knew not how our future lay,
With all our hearts we knelt to pray
A healthy child, Joyous and gay,
To love and hold.
The lord above our prayers did hear,
And gave to us a child so dear,
That all our family rose to cheer
And shout “Hurrah”
A wondrous welcome, loud and clear,
For lovely Shay.
May love attend you all your days,
May happiness be yours always,
May all your friends your efforts praise
Where praise is due,
These are your Grandma’s hopeful lays,
From me----to you.


That gift of love you gave to me
Those many years ago,
I’ve cherished with fidelity
To make our marriage grow.
Today---in true sincerity
I return that love to you
In hopes that you and I will see
Our love last through eternity.


There was a time, when forty-nine
Meant grovelling for gold
But to me now, it means our vow
Is forty-nine years old.
And Nancy dear, I drop a tear,
Of joy, for what you’ve been,
May god allow, our precious vow,
To live on—forever green.


 The world is much brighter when hardships are few,
And burdens much lighter, when shared with you,
A birthday is a special day, when hopes and dreams come true,
With all my heart I wish to say, God bless, and I love you.


 In forty-one we made our vows,
In years they’ve held for forty three,
Once more in eighty-four I pledge,
Myself to thee.


My dear Nancy
The dearest wish I have today, A wish sincere and true,
That health and happiness will stay, To brighten next year through.
For then we two, can as of yore, give thanks to him above,
For all these blessings from his store, that crown our endless love.


Your years now number eighty three,
May this day be the door,
That opens wide for you and me
To make it eighty four.
May health attend you through this year
May joy upon you shine,
And I will cherish you, my dear,
Until our—Auld Lang Syne.


 No diamonds have I to bring
Nor am I blest, a song to sing
Yet all around in widening ring
I hear the call
Come—mark this day—‘bove everything
For one and all.
‘tis sixty years since you and I
With little more than do or die,
Yet steeled with love as time went by
We reached our goal,
Our children’s children brought us joy,
And made life whole.
For all these years we’ve been as one,
Some days of sorrow, but more of fun,
And till that day when life runs done
And we’re no more,
We both can tell our setting sun,


 Congratulations, Nancy dear
Its great to be alive,
To greet this day with joy sincere
This day, you’re sixty five.
As I recall those days of yore,
To view the path we’ve driven,
I see so clear the precious store
Of mem’ries you have given.
I feel the love that hour by hour
hone brightly all the while,
Till even the grimmest wintry shower
Was banished by your smile.
When things went wrong and faith was low,
When days were dull and drear,
‘twas you, whose radiant lovely glow,
Dispelled all doubt and fear.
So as we bravely run our race
To reach our chosen goal,
May God above give you his grace
To carry on your role.
 My thanks I freely give to you
For all that you have done
I know our love will still be true,
Until our heaven is won.


 This day----our blessed days begun,
Way back, in nineteen forty one,
And now today, two thou. And one,
With hopes still high
I hope that e’er our days run done,
Before we die,
That Beccy, Barry, Sam and Shay
Shall bring us joy for many a day.
And ‘haps next year we’ll happy say
Our dreams came true,
The vows we promised to obey,
Have earned their due.
Keep pushing, ‘tis wiser  than sitting aside
And dreaming and sighing and waiting the tide.
For in life’s earnest battle they only prevail,
Who daily march onward, and never say fail.


 Today I raise a thousand cheers
To toast the nine and fifty years,
That we have shared our joys and tears
Yet ever shown,
All through a myriad of fears
Our love has grown.
Another year begins today
To point towards our diamond day
May health and happiness hold sway
And God above,
A blessing on our marriage lay
To crown our love.

 Your Loving Husband,


This is the morn that heralds cheer
This twenty sixth of May
My loving greetings Nancy dear,
I give to you today.
I hail this day that you were born
I pray with joyous tears,
That you, who all you touch adorn,
Be blest through all the years.
My thanks for years of caring love,
My hopes I’ll say again
That God will grant you years above,
Your three score years and ten.

 Throughout our long life together Nancy and I often wrote notes to one another, perhaps of thanks, or expressing a sentiment. I know that these notes were numerous, but how many have survived I have no idea.

 From Archie to Nancy,

 Fifty years is a long, long time and yet I still remember and thank God for allowing me to share your life and know your love.

 Your Loving


From Nancy to Archie


Thank you for 21 very happy years, God willing I hope we have another 21 the same.

 All my love


  Dear Archie,

We have been together for four decades. Much has happened, good, bad indifferent, but mostly good. We are approaching a very exciting and challenging time by our move to Smailholm. As we have co-operated in the past, so we will co- operate again and everything will work out as planned. Happy anniversarry.

  All my love



Octogeranian?-------Four score years and ten?   2 x 40?   They all add up to 80 years



In ’41 we made our vows
In years they’ve held for 43,
Once more in ’84 I pledge,
Myself to thee.

 All my love



 For the love that grows more precious,
 For the happiness we have known together,
For the sorrows we have faced together,

 For all the experience of sunshine and shadows              
Through which we have come to today, I thank you


 From 4-4-91 to 4-4-92.
To my non- smoking Husband   
THAT’S MY BOY! I am proud of you


 My book it is through, with this last word to you
Which I hope is both sober and sage,
Each time that you read, may you find what you need,
To cheer you on nigh every page.

This poem was written by my granddaughter on the death of her grandmother Nancy.

These pieces were written by Lesley-Anne on the death of her grandparents.

“My Grandma has Everything”

 No matter what us kids were asking
Grandma knew just where to go,
From Tiddly winks to buttons and thread
Or a good game of Tic-Tac-Toe.

 No matter what us kids were asking
Grandma knew just the thing
In fact, as one of us said
“My Grandma has everything”.

 No matter what us kids were asking
The “Handbag” held the answer to all
From world war two, to drawing flowers,
No request was too big or too small.

 No matter what us kids were asking
We were met with a heart full of love,
So if you can hear me Grandma,
Please look after us kids from above.

Goodnight Grandma,
Sleep well
All our love

 Lesley-Anne Mc Arthur.

Archie McArthur, what can i say?

A proud and loving man in every way

his one true love was Nancy his wife

Whom he worshipped all of his life.

Archie's other great love ; I think you all know it

It's of course Robert Burns our great Scottish poet

Archie dedicated his life to the Burns Federation

And becoming honorary life time member filled him with joy and elation

Archie cherished his close knit family

And loved being head of the clan

As each new generation arrived

He became a happier and prouder man

So sleep well Archie, rest in peace

From this life you have departed

But the next chapter in your story with Nancy

Is only just getting started

Here's to you Granda

All my love now and always